Potomac Officers Club


The Potomac Officers Club (POC) is dedicated to “weaving an executive level fabric for the benefit of the business and government communities.”  POC is a board of trade that emerged in the wake of 9-11 as a way for executives and government leaders to remain connected in rapidly changing times.  POC provides its members an opportunity to learn from peer business executives and government thought leaders, while providing an outstanding forum to develop key business and partnering relationships. Government leaders report that they relish the opportunity to hear collectively from the leadership of the companies that provide their mission critical services, and report that the POC “is the perfect forum to engage in meaningful dialogue on current issues”.

POC is in its 11th year and is experiencing its highest membership growth rate since being founded. POC is an executive-only membership organization that excludes service providers and the professional networking crowd. Our members join to hear “Headline Speakers cover Headline Topics,” and find great value in building their own “personal brand” among their peer group.